Changes and New Beginnings

There will be changes ahead as you start the next part of your learning journey with us. We have a fantastic staff and student community who will make you feel welcome straight away!


Remember everyone else is starting on that day to and will have the same thoughts and feelings. You will have also visited us before you start in September and will know lots of the staff already!

There are exciting changes when you start at Kearsley Academy,

  • There are new subject lessons.
  • Different learning environments, eg science labs.
  • Teaching and Learning styles might be different.
  • Break time and lunch time.
  • The building is bigger!
  • Lunch Arrangements - biometric system.
  • Travel arrangements to school.
  • New enrichment opportunites.

There may be other changes specific to you!

All you need to remember is that this is a time of change for all students starting at the Academy and everything will feel familiar before you know it.

Getting Lost
Our learning friendly building is easy to access and is clearly signposted for learning zones. You will be fine! The are also lots of staff and students who will also be on call to help!

New students!
Chances are you already know some of the students joining us in your year group or in other year groups here at the Academy. You will have the opportunity to work with our staff before you start with us and there are lots of transition activities to encourage team work and develop friendships.

You will receive homework and extended learning opportunities, as well as offered numerous enrichment classes. Homework will be set to develop your knowledge and understanding of the work completed in lesson time. We also have 'Get Ahead' club, where you can complete your homework here at the Academy before you go home.

Remembering everything!
There will be new structures, rules, times of day, lesson times, and .... The list goes on! There are lots of exciting things to learn. Remember back to starting primary school? When you are in year 6 it's quite difficult to think that you once had a first day at primary school. You will remember everything in time, and there are lots of staff and students to help you out, as well as reminders, handouts and signage. Also, if there is anything you are unsure of the website has lots of update information on it.

The work will be too difficult!
Learning anything new has its challenges and if you find something a challenge, you're learning new things! There are high expectations for learning, however the teachers planning and knowledge of you, as a student in their class will support your understanding for every lesson. Students are also encouraged to ask questions in their learning - again a very important part of learning! There will be some subjects new to you and some you have studied before. All of the lessons are prepared with you in mind!