Uniform / Equipment

Being well dressed and well equipped really does make a difference to how you learn! Year 7 receive a FREE Academy Uniform as part of our transition programme.

*When we receive confirmation that students have been allocated a place to Kearsley Academy we will contact you with further details as how to collect your uniform. You will receive your Year 7 uniform voucher to exchange at Whittaker's.

As part of our ongoing developments here at Kearsley Academy there have been amendments to the Kearsley Academy uniform starting in September 2014.

Please find the uniform list and expectations Uniform 2014/15

By dressing in a business like manner and being fully equipped, we feel that we are giving our students the best chance of meeting expectations in the real world.

Key Changes

• The blazers are more ‘structured’, ensuring tapered fitting for girls and boys.
• The girls skirt is now pleated. Please ensure that this is knee length.
• NEW TIE. The tie is now a ‘house tie’ with each student wearing the tie with their ‘house colour’ stripe – e.g.) if your child is in Byron it is the yellow stripe tie, Einstein is green, Mandela is blue.
• V NECK JUMPER. The addition of the V neck logo Kearsley Academy jumper, in addition to the blazer. (*PLEASE NOTE this is a winter item, which will be be worn, when informed by poor weather / low temperatures at the discretion of students. • PE KIT changes from black to navy.

Current Students

We have recommended that all new Year 7's start with the complete uniform. If you have a child who is currently a student at Kearsley Academy and their uniform is not ready for replacement students can still wear their current uniform / PE kit except for the kit items (see below).

The key items that we expect all students to have are:

  • NEW House Tie - Byron (Yellow), Einstein (Green), Mandela (Blue).
  • V NECK LOGO Jumper. (Please see information regarding this being a winter item).
    *Please note the jumper is not in preference to the blazer, students are still expected to wear their blazer.

Our principal stockist is Whittaker’s; please see below for the address.
Our uniform is also available to buy online.
Link for buying online:

Whittaker’s Schoolwear
106 Deansgate
01204 389485

*Some items are also available to purchase from Ziggy's Uniform Shop, Farnworth.

Bolton Council support with uniform payment.

If your child is in Year 7 or Year 9 you might be eligible for financial support towards your uniform. Please follow this link to find out more here.

What equipment will my child need?

For your child to make the most of their time at Kearsley Academy they will need the following: - Pens - Pencils - Coloured pencils - Eraser - Pencil sharpener - Ruler - Calculator - Geometry Set - A schoolbag, not a handbag