Rewards / Behaviour for Learning

As an Academy we want to encourage our students to develop skills that will enable them to become effective lifelong learners.

We want students, parents and carers and the local community to be proud of their school. At Kearsley Academy we encourage respect; not only the respect of students for staff but also respect of staff for students and respect for the community and environment. We are excited to inform you about our new student rewards system: VIVO miles. Students are rewarded with VIVOs for a range of achievements in school – from simply trying their best in class through to participation in sports and extra curricular events.

Students are issued with a VIVO card, password and log in. Students are able to view the number of VIVOs they have been awarded and look online at the VIVO shop. This catalogue has a range of products that students are allowed to purchase using their accumulated VIVOs.

Students have a VIVO account and a card will encourage financial responsibility. Should students spend VIVOs as soon as they get them, or save up for something they really want? It is not a credit card; students can only spend VIVOs they have earned. There is no way that they could get into debt!
Initial student feedback indicates that VIVOs are a welcome addition to the schools rewards policy. Students are telling us that they appreciate being given VIVOs and value the items available in the VIVO shop.

For more information visit the viv miles website here

*NEW Achievement Postcards and Positive Phone Calls

From consultation with our Student Council 2014 sees a more formalised approach for our teachers to acknowledge the achievements of Kearsley Academy students.

Achievement Postcards

Achievement postcards are posted out weekly. The postcards are from subject teachers and recognise student academic excellence and achievement. Students who receive a postcard through the post will have demonstrated significant personal achievement in a specific curriculum area. Students will also gain 10 house points for their house.

Positive Phone Calls

Positive phone calls will be made throughout the week for students making progress in their learning. This area of recognising student progress is part of our PLT (Personal Learning and Thinking Skills) focus on developing characteristics of outstanding learning skills for life.
To download National Curriculum information on PLTS click here PLTS_framework_tcm8-1811.pdf