Homework / vle

By completing homework you are helping to secure your knowledge of your subjects and preparing yourself for independent study at college and university!

How do i know what homework my child will receive?

All homework maps are placed on the Kearsley Academy vle half termly so that they can be accessed by parents. This will allow you to view what homework your child has in every subject, on each night.

What support will my child receive with their homework?

  • All students receive a planner, and homework timetable. The planner as well as encouraging students to take responsibility for their learning outside of the classroom also has a host of key learning information to support homework such as a periodic table.
  • The 'Get Ahead Club' is a nightly homework club where Year 7 can complete their homework with support from the Year 7 Learning Mentor. The club runs from 3.15 - 4.15 and allows students to access faciilties such as art materials and ICT to support the completion of their homework.

What type of homework will I receive?

In Year 7 you should expect to receive between 30 and 90 minutes of homework each night and, as well as focusing on subject specific activities, homework will also focus on developing the 6 strands of the Personal Learning and Thinking Skills.

  • Creative Thinkers
  • Reflective Learners
  • Effective Participators
  • Team Workers
  • Self Managers
  • Independent Enquirers

The key strand that we want you to develop is self-managers. Therefore, homework could be set in the first week of term and be due in by week 4 – and part of the process will involve you managing your time in order to complete the project. You will have to share learning milestones with your teachers along the way in order to monitor progress towards the key learning goal at the end of the process.

Will I get homework in every subject?

You will receive homework in all areas across the curriculum. Some subjects, which require common skills, understanding and knowledge, have joined together to create Linked Learning opportunities. For example, you will undertake STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) project-based homework, which will support you in transferring skills from one subject area to another.
If you are in Year 7, you will undertake projects, which centre on maximising progress in English, Drama and Humanities by linking literacy opportunities, as well as homework activities that are more subject specific. Some homework activities, such as those which relate to ICT, Performing Arts and PE, could involve attendance to extra-curricular sessions linked to a project. Your homework will also be available on our VLE (Virtual Learning Environment).