how we all learn / plts

At Kearsley Academy we understand that everyone learns differently and our teaching takes these differences into account.

a_about1.jpg We also focus on the PLTS (Personal Learning and Thinking Skills) to make sure that you develop skills that will help you in all of your learning.
These PLTS are: Creative Thinking, Effective Participation, Independent Enquirers, Problem Solving, Team Workers and Self Managers.

Each of the Kearsley Kids also learn differently and like them you will have your preferred way.
These ways of learning are called multiple intelligences and everyone has a mix of them all, but we often prefer certain ones over others. At Kearsley Academy you will learn using a variety of styles and approaches, this means that you will enjoy your learning experience and achieve higher standards.


A man named Howard Gardner created the Multiple Intelligence Theory in 1983. The idea was to understand how people learn. Soon you will be able to see what your main learning style is using our Brain Game - it will be available very soon.

A Basic Guide – These are the intelligences and how you might find you learn:

Linguistic - words and language

Logical-Mathematical - logic and numbers

Musical - music, sound, rhythm

Bodily-Kinesthetic - body movement control

Spatial-Visual - images and space

Interpersonal - other people's feelings

Intrapersonal - self-awareness