Student Council / Voice

Our student council lead change within Kearsley Academy by sharing the voice of our students.


Autumn Term 2014 - Mastermind Challenge

Images are taken from the Interhouse Mastermind Challenge, organised by the student council. Please see full article here

Spring Term 2015 - Co-constructing Lessons

Our student council have been busy telling us how 'learn best'! Student's have been exploring their best learning practise and analysing why this is. The student council have also been feeding back on what it is like to be a "Day In The Life Learner' at Kearsley Academy. The work that they have achieved will be presented to our Teaching Staff as part of developments in teaching and learning at Kearsley Academy. Well Done!


Active Citizens


How do I represent the Student Council?

During the first month of every Term form tutors will be asking every form (house) to elect both a boy and girl candidate to represent their Year group / house for the academic year. Your form will vote for you based upon your clear vision of why you would be the right candidate! Every year group has form (house) representatives which attend student council meetings, these candidates also are the form representatives and house leaders. There are also 'open house' student council meetings where all students can attend to share their voice on an agenda.

What is the Student Council?

Article 12 of the Rights of the Child say that all children have the right to say what they think should happen. Kearsley Academy respect and support that right to have introduced a student council. The student council is a platform for representatives from the student body to raise issues, discuss ideas and justify decisions that are being made around school about the students.

What do the Student Council do?

The Student Council are involved in decision making, big and small. From ideas for extra curricular clubs and activities to the appointment of new staff to meeting visitors and giving tours of the school.

Why should I get involved in the Student Council?

You should get involved as it is your chance to make a difference and have your say in your school and your education! The Student Council will also give you opportunities to gain new skills such as team work, enterprise, project management.

Student Council Archive Projects

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Student Council Projects - 'Making A Difference'

Our student council have been in the press several times this year already. Their hard work and dedication to developing the 'Kearsley Academy Community', particularly their recent work on E-Safe within schools has featured in an education special for the Bolton News! Well Done to our student council and we look forward to the blog.

  • Safer Internet Day Parent Project - Our student council are currently working closely with our parent voice group (PVG). The council are busy making a leaflet, which focuses on the safe use of the Internet, with advice for parents. Our BBC School Report journalists are currently covering the story. The student council, along side the rest of our student community have also taken part in e-safety training, as part of our whole academy focus on Internet Safety this half term.
  • Rewards Policy - Student Council presented to Mr M. Little, Vice Principal.
    The student council have been researching and developing the rewards system, here at Kearsley Academy. The main rewards system operated at the Academy is the use of vivo miles. The student council have developed the ideas of achievement postcards, linking them to the Academy House System and more ways of communicating achievement to parents.

  • Teaching and Learning Focus - Marking of work, feedback to Principal, Ms S. Pountain.
  • Differentation within lessons, feedback to Principal, Ms S. Pountain.
    The student council have been co-constructing marking techniques with the staff at Kearsley Academy! The student council were the first wave of feedback to teachers regarding the marking policy. Students were extremely positive as to the way in which teachers mark their work.
    The students council are also differentiation experts! The student council attended training by our Principal, Ms S. Pountain on the impact of differentiation on lessons. They then shared this information with our student community, ensuring that students understood the level of challenge in their learning and ways in which they could reach their aspirational targets.