School Meals

A healthy diet is important to stimulate your child's brain and help them to get the most from their lessons.

Kearsley Academy Dining Area

Kearsley Academy offers a wide selection of healthy meals to suit all taste.

The dining area of the Heart Space is run by our catering manager and a team of staff who provide nutritious meals, which contain plenty of fresh fruit, vegetables and salads.

We also have an ICT Club, and various other lunchtime enrichment activities, which can be used by our students at lunchtime.

How does my child pay for school meals?

The Academy operates a cashless payment system to allow students to pay for their meals. This is done via the biometrics system. Students can use the recharge stations to "put money on their thumb" for use in the Academy Dining Area or the Sixth Form Cafe (Sixth Form students only). If you would prefer to pre-load your child's account you can do so by sending a cheque to the Academy Reception with a note including your child's name and form and your wish for the money to be credited to their account. Some parents prefer this option to ensure that their child does not lose money given before they are able to visit a recharge station.

Free School Meals

If you know that your child is eligible for free school meals then please contact the ‘One Stop Shop’ at the Town Hall and they will provide you with the information to start the process of application.

Enquiries: Call 01204 333333 between 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 1pm on Saturday. The quieter times to make your call are 8am to 9am and 5pm to 6pm.

The Town Hall One Stop Shop
Bolton Council
Victoria Square
Open 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday and
9am to 1pm on Saturday.
Monday is our busiest day.
Farnworth Town Hall One Stop Shop
Market Street
Monday to Friday,
9am – 5pm

Other Information

If you need some more information on School Meals in general you can visit School Food Trust Kearsley Academy also run a breakfast club which is open from 8.20am – 8.50am. Students are able to purchase breakfast from a choice of toast, bacon, porridge and cereal.

Water is available throughout the day. Students are allowed to bring water bottles into school to refill.

In the interest of Health & Safety Guidelines, students are not allowed out of school at lunchtime, unless there are exceptional circumstances, which must be approved by parents and school.

Students who receive free school meals will be allocated with a ticket daily to enable them to purchase a lunch. Please ensure that your child’s free school meal allocation form is up to date.