Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural Education

At Kearsley Academy we seek to ensure that all students irrespective of age, ability or background achieve their full potential both academically and socially.


Kearsley Academy students (with food bank donations) and MP Yasmin Qureshi before they visit Downing Street.

To secure excellent social, moral, spiritual and cultural development we offer a range of opportunities. The central contribution that we at Kearsley Academy make to the development of SMSC is through our core curriculum offer. We have selected key themes from the distinct strands of Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural education. These themes are developed within lessons and are explicitly referenced within lesson planning wherever appropriate.

Core Curriculum and Learning

Social: Students work well as part of a group or team. They have a willingness to participate in a variety of social settings, cooperating well with others and being able to resolve conflicts effectively.
Moral: Students have respect for others’ needs, interests and feelings as well as their own. Students understand the 'consequences of actions'.
Spiritual: Students are open to new ideas and will modify values in light of new experiences. A 'thirst for knowledge' ** and a sense of enjoyment and fascination in learning about yourself, others and the world around you.
Students show empathy, concern and compassion. There is a willingness to participate in, and respond to, for example, artistic, musical, sporting, mathematical, technological, scientific and cultural opportunities.

Our work on the development of teaching pedagogy has focused on Super Learning strategies. We are committed to developing students’ knowledge and understanding; but also to their acquisition of learning behaviours and attitudes such as the four Rs:

  • Reflectiveness
  • Resilience
  • Resourcefulness
  • Relationships

Our use of Kagan structures and active engagement strategies are the tools we use to instill these qualities. All curriculum areas at Kearsley have Medium Term Plans that contain explicit reference to the SMSC objectives that will be delivered in that unit of work. In addition the Lesson Planning format used at the Academy has a requirement for teachers to make reference to the SMSC elements of that lesson.

Our use of WWW and EBI (What Went Well and Even Better If) within lessons, as well as the promotion of student voice and meaningful student reflections is another strand to our drive to make our students more reflective and to take ownership of the learning process.

All teachers at Kearsley Academy plan schemes of learning with full consideration of PLTS (Personal learning and thinking skills). We are developing students who can be team workers or independent learners as the task requires. The core subject knowledge that students need to become well rounded citizens is delivered in:

  • Year 7 and 8 through Accelerated curriculum
  • Year 9 through Humanities
  • Year 10 through a discreet lesson of GCSE citizenship
  • Year 11 through GCSE citizenship delivered through Super learning activities and Form times.

Co-Curriculum, Curriculum Enhancement and Homework

At Kearsley Academy we offer students a variety of opportunities to acquire a 'thirst for knowledge' through developing their own study programmes and learning opportunities, Through a range of co-curriculum offers students can take part in a variety of enrichment and additional curriculum experiences. Our homework model focuses on promoting 'scholastic excellence' as well as allowing student to enquire about their learning in a way that is both bespoke and personal to themselves.
The Academy House system provides role models from the fields of politics and leadership; Nelson Mandela, Mathematics; Albert Einstein and Computing; Ada Byron. These role models embody the virtues that the Academy values. The house system also makes a significant contribution to the Academy’s vision to create a real sense of community. The Academy house system fosters a sense of belonging for students and spirit of competition through its varied programme of activities, both sporting and otherwise.

Assemblies and the Promotion of SMSC Values

Students have weekly assemblies, which focus upon SMSC strands. These are available for students and parents to access from the website. To view some of our recent assembly focus click here

Ethos, Respect and Reward.

Our ethos focuses on the PLTS (Personal Learning and Thinking Skills), which are central to developing students in their ability to understand how the choices they make impact themselves and others around them. Kearsley Academy gives students a clear framework of values and behaviours through our consistent approach to rewards and sanctions. The Academy has clear policies on behaviour management, bullying and racism. All students are made aware of the conduct expected of them through regular messages delivered by their Form tutors, assemblies and behaviour for learning strategies and displays. Parents are encouraged to support the school ethos through regular communication and the school website. Our rewards system ensures that students are recognised and rewarded when they display the attitudes that the Academy values. For more information on how on our promotion of positive learning click here

The Academy Student Council provides an opportunity for students to play a part in a democratic process. Students are elected by their peers and given the opportunity to contribute to discussion around issues affecting them and actions that will lead to changes.