Students can choose a homework task that best suits their interests and ability in each subject, this makes homework more engaging, challenging and valuable to our students.


All documents are available to download below.


  • All homework needs to be submitted with a front sheet which explains what and how students have explored their homework challenge. A front sheet is needed for all completed homework.
  • Guidance for students on how to complete homework, using the homework challenge map.
  • Download the homework challenge map, remember the tasks become more of a challenge, the higher the level!
  • Please find some question stems (Based on Bloom's Taxonomy). They will guide learning dialogue for your child. Questions add more challenge, starting with recall. Dialogue - 'Talking' homeworks also count towards homework hours, see homework challenge map frontsheet.


Challenge Homework Front Sheet

Challenge Homework Guidance

Dream Job Homework Maps

Questions to Support Learning

The homework model here at Kearsley Academy focuses on challenging all students in achieving their personal best academically and socially.
The Ofsted guideline is that homework needs to be set ‘appropriately and regularly across subject areas, which challenges all pupils. The model that we have designed encourages student’s enjoyment and fascination with learning. It is planned to allow students to achieve their personal best.
The map is divided into different levels of challenge, which begins at recall and extends to evaluation and creation.
The same map is used for ALL SUBJECTS.

Find out why we have designed the Homework Challenge Map.

  • Read through the guidance and information to clarify how this will support and challenge your child.
    To download the rationale please click here