Kearsley Academy Students In The Community

Our students work with the local community in many ways. Here you will find out what projects and partnerships they are currently developing.


Here at Kearsley Academy our students have the opportunity to meet and work with a variety of people from both the local and wider community. We have worked with people in a variety of ways: Thank you to the community for enhancing 'Academy Life' and contributing to the learning experiences of our students. As part of our leadership specialism we are constantly working with leaders in various areas of expertise to share their knowledge with Kearsley Academy students.

Recent Community Projects have included:

  • Gathering donations for The Well, the local food bank. You can read all about it here..
  • Visiting and contributing to the Springfield Action Group.
  • Hosting and supporting various charity / community events.
  • Creating Educational Resources for the Kearsley Mount Methodist Gardens.
  • Working on the Kearsley subways to help improve the local environment.
  • Year 7 Community Week, with various members of the local community.
  • Hosting a Primary School Olympics at Leverhulme Park.
  • Taking part in the Kearsley and Little Lever primary Olympic torch race.
  • Family of Schools Conference 2012. For more information as to how our student voice impact life at Kearsley Academy please visit the Student Council page.