We have fantastic facilities that support and enable all students to achieve in the 21st Century.

ENG.JPG Through flexibility in the design of internal spaces, walls, partitions and utilities, the school will enable innovative practice to evolve to maintain learning into the future, incorporating new technologies, methods and teaching and learning styles. This will enable us to respond to transformed learning and the demands of learning in the 21st century.

KEARSLEY ACADEMY is proud to have LEARNING and TEACHING at the HEART of what we do. Our STUDENTS enjoy their EDUCATION within a CARING and SUPPORTIVE learning environment. Developing THINKING SKILLS in our students and creating a love for LIFE LONG LEARNING is also central to the work we do. We encourage our students to be ACTIVE LEARNERS as well as showing RESILIENT, RESPONSIBLE, REFLECTIVE and RESOURCEFUL attitudes towards their learning. Within an INSPIRING learning environment students are EFFECTIVE PARTICPANTS, acquiring skills in being CREATIVE THINKERS, TEAM WORKERS, SELF MANAGERS, REFLECTIVE LEARNERS and INDEPENDENT ENQUIRERS. We are PROUD of our students and support them in realising their POTENTIAL and having ASPIRATIONS, PREPARING THEM FOR THE FUTURE. We work closely with the local COMMUNITY, and have fantastic PARTNERSHIPS with local PRIMARY schools. KEARSLEY ACADEMY, where EVERY CHILD MATTERS. (Heartspace Quote).

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Additional Information

To read more about the work that went into a new building, read the following: Kearsley Academy Project Case Study