Year 10 Boys achieve their Potential

2012-02-14 12:43:00

Team Building Residential. Engaging Year 10 Boys. 23rd – 27th January

On the 23rd January Mr Robinson and Mr Worthington took thirteen year 10 boys on an exciting team building residential at Holcombe Moor Barracks. The aims of the trip were to:

• Raise self esteem.
• Show students what success feels like.
• Time management skills.
• Foster a ‘can do’ culture.
• Develop team building skills.
• Develop effective participators.

Students were set a range of challenging and exciting tasks; both academic and physical. The mile and half run was their first challenge. A member of the Royal Fusiliers took the boys on a demanding undulating course over the moors. This task gave the boys an insight into the basic fitness requirements to join the Army. All students finished the run and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Further tasks during the week were bridge building, testing stresses within a structure, drill work on the parade ground, assault course challenge, team building exercises and problem solving with a strong focus on creative thinking skills.

As can be seen from the photographs the students had a fabulous time. They all agreed the course was extremely demanding and stretched them physically and mentally.

‘I would love to go back on the residential, it was a wonderful week. I won the award for ‘Best Endeavour’
Shaun Ward.
‘It was a fabulous week; I enjoyed the assault course the best. I learned loads of life skills which I can use at school.’
Kyle Ryder.
‘It was probably the best week of my life. It’s all about showing respect! Army is the Best.’
Ashley M-Hayes.

The Army personnel stated that it was an absolute privilege to have Kearsley Academy at their Barracks and have given us an open invitation to return. Well done Year 10 boys!

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