Students Tour China!

2015-05-21 07:25:00

chna-MMAP-md.pngStudents from Kearsley Academy will embark on a ten day backpacking tour of China!
Students are touring three major cities, as well as visiting school children in Zhongshan to gain an understanding of school life and culture of students in another part of the world. The trips will consist of visits to Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing. **
**Along the way, students will be boating in Kowloon bay, scaling Shanghai's famous Pearl tower and tobogganing down the Great Wall of China.
Students and staff has been involved in planning and raising funds for the trip for nine months and we are sure it will be a once in a lifetime trip and an opportunity to experience places and cultures they would not otherwise the opportunity to do.
The trip will culminate in a joint artistic performance of Chinese and Kearsley students in the main music hall of Zhongshan. More information and updates will follow!

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