Students return from fantastic trek in China

2015-06-12 08:55:00

IMG_1218.JPG Spanning 10 days and thousands of miles, 7 Kearsley Academy students embarked on an unprecedented tour across China. The students spent time in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing and Zhongshan. The trip, organised by Miss Connor, took months to plan and lots of effort went into cramming as many fantastic experiences into the 10 days as possible. Many fundraising activities were carried out over the last 12 months including SHINE and sponsored walks.

Highlights of the trip included:

  • the glass bottom cable car and walking up to see the awe inspiring Giant Bhudda in Hong Kong.
  • Seeing Giant Pandas up close in Shanghai Zoo
  • racing to catch the overnight train to Beijing.
  • Walking along the Great a Wall of China
  • Visiting the historic sights of Beijing, Tiananmen Square, The Forbidden City, Heaven's Temple and The Summer Palace


The trip culminated in an amazing experience of visiting 2 Chinese schools in Zhongshan where the students even had a local news camera crew follow them around for the day! We were all treated like celebrities and spent a great deal of time signing hundreds of autographs!

The trip was rounded of by an event held in Kearsley Academy's honour which was attended by 600 local people and government officials where Ellie Greenwood stole the show with a fantastic solo dance performance.

The trip was truly an opportunity of a lifetime for our students and created amazing memories for all. IMG_1208.JPG

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