Students are praised by Chancellor of The Children's University!

2013-10-22 07:41:00

Following the fantastic graduation evening, Kearsley Academy received a email from the Chancellor of the Children's University - Paul Trainor.

I would just like to take the opportunity to say how much I enjoyed attending and speaking at your Children's University Graduation Ceremony. The welcome and hospitality from your staff was great. Their excellent organisation of the event, together with the obvious warmth and regard they showed for the young people receiving awards was a pleasure to see.
I would also like to make particular mention of Rhianne, the Year 11 pupil who took me on a tour of the building. She was such an enthusiastic and delightful young lady, who was a fantastic advert for your school. Best wishes for the future. Kind Regards Paul

Passport To University

Kearsley Academy was full of proud students and their parents this Wednesday as the Academy held their first graduation ceremony for the Children's University. The evening was a celebration of the achievements of 80 students from several local primary schools as well as some year 7 Kearsley Academy students.
160 parents and 80 children crowded Kearsley Academy ‘Heart space’ hall area to celebrate a magnificent evening occasion where students from partner Primary schools and current year 7 students donned caps and gowns to receive ‘Childrens’ University degrees.
The students were full of enthusiasm on the evening.
Mollie Price a year 7 student said,

I like the fact we were rewarded for using our own time well. It felt amazing wearing a cap and gown and standing on the stage with my friends.

Lauren Farmer (winner of the gold award) exclaimed,

The Children's University has been so enjoyable, especially all the activities I have taken part in at Kearsley Academy.

Through a summer school scheme run by the Academy and enrichment sessions, the 80 students collectively accumulated over 2000 hours of extended learning since the summer holidays. Students from years 5, 6 and 7 received bronze, silver and gold awards according to the number of hours they have accumulated which are recorded in their own ‘Childrens’ University’ learning passports. The Children's University scheme at Kearsley Academy has been a huge success in the first 2 months of it running and is set to go from strength to strength with more primary school students and Kearsley Academy students ready to take up the scheme in the coming months. The university recognises and rewards childrens' involvement and attendance to extra-curricular activities and any sessions that extend their learning experience outside of the classroom.
Partner primary schools involved in the project are
- Kearsley West
- Prestolee
- Spindle Point
- St Stephen’s
- St Saviours.
For more details on events at Kearsley Academy, please contact Assistant Principal Mel Hughes on 01204 332555

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