Sports Relief Mile Challenge!

2014-03-23 10:48:00

As an Academy our Sport Relief challenge was to travel from John O Groats to Lands End (equivalent of 603 miles as the crow flies), with students travelling as many miles as they could during their PE lesson.


The challenge was chosen as it had a differentiated approach, students were encouraged to walk, jog or complete the mile as fast as they could or even complete as many miles as possible within their lesson.

Students were asked to bring a £1 donation to complete the mile to help raise funds for Sport Relief.

To add an competitive incentive students from each year group had the chance to win donated awards for the fastest mile and the most miles completed by an individual.

Results and Achievements

The John O Groates to Lands End Challenge was accomplished within just two days which was a phenomenal effort from both Staff and Students at Kearsley Academy.

*Year 7s completed over 130 miles in just 1 session of 30 minutes running time.

Excellent effort and determination was showcased throughout the challenge with a substantial amount of students completing 4 miles within the PE lessons and extra miles in their own free time. The students also gained house points, which contributed to this terms interhouse challenge.

Head of Sport Dan McKeown "This has been a fantastic way of supporting excellence in sport, all staff and students have worked together to make this years Sport Relief the best ever!"

During the day students were also allowed to wear sports clothes and take part in a Sports Relief Bake Off.

For more updates please visit our charities page here

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