SMSC Assembly Focus - No Man is an Island

2015-02-24 21:49:00

Screen_Shot_2015-02-24_at_21.41_.23_.png The focus for this week is the importance of the individual within society. The learning messages have focused on the importance of self development (developing independent enquiry skills) and how this contributes to the team and learning environment.

Students were asked to make a connection to the numbers displayed.


The numbers equate into the 'bigger picture' and how students are connected with the whole world!
As we are relaunching homework this week, the impact focused upon the impact of learning hours, minutes and seconds and how additional learning can support classroom practise.
Screen_Shot_2015-02-24_at_21.48_.19_.png Screen_Shot_2015-02-24_at_21.47_.52_.png

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