Primary Gifted and Talented Rocket Day

2012-11-15 13:10:00

On Friday 2nd November the Science Department at Kearsley Academy were host to groups of G&T children from local primary schools for the first inter and intra-school challenge competition known as Rocket Day. The day was a resounding success - 6 pupils from each primary school took part in a series of activities designed to develop their understanding of space, technology and rocket design. The activities culminated in the pupils applying their learning to building rockets in teams of 3. The rockets were launched as part of the final event and the groups each took part in evaluating the overall success of their design. Prizes were awarded for design and decoration, team work and overall performance of the rocket in flight - 3 separate groups managed to build rockets that travelled the full length of the hall!! All of the participants were awarded a certificate for taking part and the feedback from the day from both staff and pupils demonstrates this was a highly successful event.

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