Our Student Council Get Creative in the Community

2012-06-11 14:34:00

Some information for this article has been taken from the Bolton Evening News - Saturday June 9th

Kearsley Academy Student Council have been working with the Farnworth And Kearsley Vision Group and their first goal is to improve the subway under Kearsley roundabout. They have designed artwork to be painted on the walls in the tunnels to make the school run much nicer for many children and their parents. Sharon Tonge, aged 41, of Kearsley vision group said: “The council has spent money improving the subway, with extra lights and anti-vandal paint, but it is still getting vandalised". “Artwork is the one thing we thought might improve the subway, and could also reduce crime and vandalism.” Students have been working with 'Art Fantastic' who have painted the final design.
Kearsley Academy Student Council are enthusiastic about working with the local community and helping to develop ideas within Kearsley. Photographs of the final subway work will follow.

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