Our Heroes are Super

2011-02-10 14:33:00

We know that we have some super students at Kearsley Academy and now they are becoming heroes as well.

We are running the Heroes Journey project with support from Humanutopia. The idea is that some of our Year 10 students become role models for younger pupils and for pupils from some of our Primary school partner.

In line with our Leadership specialism this programme develops leadership qualities and helps students understand how they can contribute to society.

The Year 10 students have been though a training programme and have also started working with younger Year 7 students and with pupils from St Stephen’s Primary School.

The story has made the pages of The Bolton News and Aiden Whitehead, one of the Year 10 students said: “We do have a lot of responsibility because we have realised we are role models to these young people.”

The project will continue throughout the year and we will be reporting on how it progresses. In the meantime you can catch up with the full Bolton News story here or download the PDF here

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