Our GCSE Success

2011-08-24 13:11:00

Congratulations to the first cohort of Kearsley Academy Year 11 students on their fantastic results!

A stunning 52% of Kearsley Academy students have successfully gained 5+ higher grade A* to C GCSE passes including English and Maths. This is a dramatic increase on the 32% figure achieved by the predecessor school George Tomlinson in its last year of existence in 2010.

"This amounts to a fantastic achievement by our students who, with dedicated support from staff, have demonstrated so positively how much Kearsley Academy is all about achieving the highest standards possible. The level of support shown by parents in the area for the Academy is growing ever stronger as time goes on and, as Principal, I'm determined to go on setting ever higher expectations for student success. Our new buildings in 2012/13 will add further stimulus to the dynamic growth of Kearsley Academy."

Nigel Jepson, Principal

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