Oliver Fielding writes about his visit to Parliament

2014-12-16 08:44:00

Oliver is currently studying GCSE Citizenship, as part of the course students visited Parliament.

Recently I had the delightful opportunity to visit parliament. I am very interested in politics, and it is something that I feel very passionate about. I never thought that I would get the chance to go and see areas of parliament with my own eyes. One of the highlights of the day was getting to see a real parliamentary debate that included two of the most influential politicians in England (David Cameron and Ed Miliband). Otherwise the tour guide was extremely informative and answered any questions we had.

Also we got to meet our local MP, being Yasmin Qureshi. Personally I don’t live in Bolton; however my school is in her constituency, so I was still very interested to meet her, and to hear what she has to say, particularly in relation to my Citizenship coursework. She was lovely, and responded to any questions we had honestly. We asked her anything, from “What is it like to be an MP?” to “What are your views on UKIP?”. Overall it was great to meet our MP and it was another valuable experience that I gained from this trip.

After answering questions, everyone participated in an activity. The task was to basically create your own party, and it was a really clever and enjoyable way of showing how politics in Britain works. Being interested in politics I already know about this process, however it was a valuable activity, especially for the younger individuals on the trip, who perhaps don’t have much knowledge on the election process. I believe that everyone should be well informed on current affairs, so in that respect, the activities were very successful.

In summary the trip was the most enjoyable and valuable trips of my entire academic career. Personally it was an incredible experience that I will never forget. The day was structured exceptionally, and it was also really great that we got to meet our MP. Not only did it give us chance to ask about our issues related to my Citizenship work, it gave us the opportunity to ask her about anything. Then the activity was a perfect way to conclude the day, and it ensured that everyone on that trip left gaining some knowledge on Politics, which I think is really important, as many young people don’t vote, which consequently means that the Government doesn’t really consider the views of young people. I postulate that the information offered by this trip may persuade young people to vote, which I think is an extremely positive outcome.

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