Mandela House Win Interhouse Mastermind

2015-02-19 14:08:00


Forms have been working this half term to become EXPERTS in a chosen topic in preparation for a MasterMind style quiz on the last week of the half term. The competition is our half termly inter - house challenge, and supports our SMSC "Thirst for Knowledge" focus.


Kearsley Academy student council have been busy researching questions ensuring that Kearsley Academy students are masterminds. As part of the Spring Term SMSC (Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural) strand "thirst for knowledge" form groups decided on a chosen topic area in which they would become 'experts'. Topics ranged from the Olympics 2012, Capital Cities, Einstein theories and UK chart best sellers. Students worked with their form tutors finding out as much as they could over a period of four weeks. The Mastermind challenge was led by student council, who read out both the subject specialism and general knowledge questions within form time. Students answered 40 questions in total, all scores went towards the house cup. Out of the three houses, Byron, Einstein and Mandela Mandela were crowned the Mastermind champions by just one point! Students loved the experience and found the whole competitive knowledge edge and really engaged with the spirit of the game.

It's been a fantastic way of students pursuing knowledge within an active research environment. Students have been team working , generating a real house spirit!Feedback from student council has been incredibly positive and it is certainly now going to become an annual event. Miss M Hughes - Assistant Principal

Example Questions:
Which contemporary British artist leaves his artwork in the walls of London City?
Which animals feature at the base of Nelson's Column?
What does the E stand for in Einstein's famous equation?

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