Manchester Museum Enrichment Day – 26th March

2012-04-30 11:42:00

On the 26th of March 43 of our Gifted and Talented student had the opportunity to go to Manchester Museum. The students thoroughly enjoyed their day out, especially when they were given the opportunity to explore the Living Worlds Exhibition and see the extensive range of living and stuffed animals. Throughout the day the students took part in four workshops;

1) Money Game This competitive, fast pace game involved students exploring the value of various current and ancient currencies around the world.

2) Living Worlds Drama Activity This activity was led by a University of Manchester Theatre Studies student, students explored issues of sustainability and discussed the relationship that humans have with nature and the, sometimes harmful, impact we have upon it.

3) Minerals and Me Students identified different rocks and minerals and their everyday uses by exploring the gallery.

4) Living Cultures Creative Thinking Workshop Students used the Living Cultures Gallery and its collection as inspiration to design their own mask representing elements of a foreign community.

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