Intrepid explorers return from Barcelona!

2014-05-23 08:32:00

On Saturday 17th May a group of rather hungry culture vultures set off from Kearsley Academy for fairer climes on a quest to discover the delights of the Costa Brava, Barcelona.

Many, many hours later, after countless “Miss are we there yet?” (whilst flying over the majestic Pyrenees!!) we arrived at Tossa de Mar on the northeast coast of Spain at Hotel Don Juan.

Day two dawned with the hugely anticipated visit to Nou Camp, post Champions League Final where Barca lost out to Atletico Madrid. The students and staff then made their way to the beautiful viewing spot of Mont Juic at the Olympic Village to take in the amazing panoramic view of the city and the coast. The Kearsley culture crusader then hit the streets of Barcelona with a vengeance to sample the vistas and history of that monumental ‘Gaudiesque’ city. Our students stood back in awe of the impressive ‘Sagrada Familia’, experienced the drama of the infamous ‘Ramblas’ and then promptly took off to buy yet more souvenirs!

Day three heralded a long awaited visit to ‘WaterWorld’ which fortunately on its first day of opening, was almost exclusively used by the Academy and the students, accompanied by the kamikaze Mr Greenhalgh and Miss Connor went on slide after slide after slide. Needless to say Mrs Greenwood and Mrs Brook looked after a lot of bags that day! Again the souvenir and ice cream stands took a hit!

Day four dawned with promises of shopping, eating and “When can we swim in the hotel pool miss?” requests were met. After being suitably fed at a Catalan restaurant in the heart of beautiful Tossa, students bought souvenirs.

The highlights of the trip were Mr Greenhalgh constantly having too much energy for the rest of us to keep up with, the students being in awe of the beautiful vistas in Barcelona and being absolute delights to share our Spanish experience, having the confidence to speak the language and being a credit to our Academy.

Would we go again? YES like a shot. Same again next year?

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