Independent Enquirers - Spring 2 PLTS Focus

2015-02-20 11:35:00

Screen_Shot_2015-02-20_at_10.58_.59_.png To coincide with our Homework re launch and Year 11 revision programme our PLTS focus for this half term is Independent Enquirers. Students are being encouraged to reflect on their progress and find their own solutions, as well as developing research and revision skills. Key skills that we are focusing on are:
- Making INFORMED DECISIONS based upon a variety of information sources.
- Planning CAREFULLY.
- Working INDEPENDENTLY and focusing on learning goals.
- Making LINKS with all subject areas, expressing the same positive approach to learning in every lesson.
- Asking the teacher for support and guidance WHEN NEEDED. (C3B4ME)
- Being willing to CHANGE your ideas and REFINE your work.

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