Food bank collection success leads to Downing Street Invitation!

2013-12-17 11:37:00

To complete their GCSE in Citizenship all pupils have to become an active citizen and develop an effective campaign on an local issue that is important to them and their community. For this assignment pupils have chosen to campaign against the rise of living costs and the cuts to wages and benefits which has led to a 170% increase in the number of local families accessing the Farnworth and Kearsley Food bank. The campaign has included an online petition, campaign letters to the local councillor and MP and they have organised a non uniform day in which pupils and staff can donate non perishable good in return for wearing their own clothes. Our pupils are determined to ensure that no local family will go hungry.
Education Focus in the Bolton News

The pupils did a wonderful job and as a school community we collected over 40 bags of food that was gratefully received by the Trussel Trust food bank in Farnworth. Our Local MP Yasmin Quereshi and Local Councillor visited school and listened to some of our pupils present about the causes of poverty in the area and received their protest letter and petition.

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