Fantastic Achievements and Grades at GCSE.

2013-09-12 13:15:00

Kearsley Academy is pleased to announce its best GCSE results ever. Not only was there a significant 20% increase in results 5 A star- C (with English and Maths), our Year 11 students made the best progress of any predecessor year group. The number of students gaining A star/A grades showed a significant increase, especially in English and Maths.

“This demonstrates remarkable progress this year by our Year 11 students who have worked extremely hard, with the support of teaching staff to achieve such brilliant results.” Mr N. Jepson Principal

What the Students Say.

Head Boy, Sam Stones gained 14 GCSE’s including an A* in Maths, A in Science and 2 B’s in English Literature and Language. Sam is continuing his studies at the Kearsley Academy Sixth Form;

I’m staying at Kearsley Academy as I know I will learn with the teachers and want a better chance of going to University. I’m studying A-Level Maths, A-Level Further Maths, A-Level Physics and IT. I would like to go to University to study Engineering.

Deputy Head boy Andrew Henshaw was overjoyed with his results. He gained 13 GCSE’s, including A’s in History, Maths, English Literature, English Language and Science. Andrew would like to be an aero engineer and is studying A Level Physics, Maths and Creative Media here at Kearsley Academy.

I am staying here to be in a good learning environment, my friends are here and I am ecstatic about my results. They are brilliant, I’m really happy!

Shannon Comiskey gained 8 strong grades at GCSE and is studying our popular BTEC Level 3 Music course. Shannon gained fantastic results including 2 Distinction Stars in Level 2 Music.

I know I want to be a musician, that’s all I’ve ever wanted to do – the course is everything I want to do. I want to go to University to study Music, I am staying at Kearsley Academy because the music teachers are amazing and I gained D*’s at Level 2 Music – I don’t think I would have achieved this elsewhere.

Megan Grindley gained 9 A*-C GCSE grades ,including an A* in English Literature, as well as A’s in English Language, Maths and Science.

I am studying A-Level English Literature, Biology, Chemistry and Psychology. I am absolutely elated and really happy to be able to pursue an area, which I really love. I definitely plan to go to University and specialise in English and dream of being an author.

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