Celebrating GCSE Student Success!

2015-09-01 09:24:00

Screen_Shot_2015-09-01_at_09.24_.37_.png Students celebrated success with their GCSE Results! Some of our students gained the best results ever recorded at Kearsley Academy in both achievement (number of A's / A*'s) and their levels of progress (up to 6).

This year more students than ever achieved 8 GCSE’s or more with some exceptional individual performances in both achievement and progress measures. We are extremely proud of all our students’ performances. Principal Suzanne Pountain.

We are proud of all our students and their achievements and look forward to celebrating with them on GCSE Presentation Evening.
These include exceptional performances from the following students;
- Oliver Fielding gained 11 GCSE’s (including 8A*, 2A’s and B)
- Lucy Clarke gained 11 GCSE’s ( including 5A)
- Alex Wallace gained 11 GCSE’s (including 1A
and 5A’s)

- Ella Edwards gained 8 GCSE’s including 2As, achieving six levels of progress in some subjects!
- Zak Mirza gained 9 GCSE’s A
- Tanzila Javed gained 11 GCSE’s or equivalent (including 2A’s / Distinction / 5A’s)
The picture of Zak and Ella is taken from the Bolton News GCSE blog!

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